html2exel - A Chrome browser extension

"Fed up with copy and paste not working properly from website tables. Need something to increase your data entry productivity or data collection processing speed? Ever want to download a listing of all of the open jobs on a career center? When enabled, this extension will display a save menu above each minimally nested HTML table within the loaded page. Pages containing very structured tabular data are not supported. Currently the extension only supports CSV, however XLSX and Excel 97 formats are in development."




"csvdiff is a perl script to compare/diff two (comma) seperated files with each other. The part that is different to standard diff is, that you'll get the number of the record where the difference occurs and the field/column which is different. The separator can be set to the value you want it to, not just comma. Also you can to provide a third file which contains the columnnames in one(!) line separated by your separator. If you do so, columnnames are shown if a difference is found..."