Zoho Reports

"Zoho Reports is an Online Reporting and Business Intelligence service. The features offered by Zoho Reports specializes on providing in-depth, powerful and flexible reporting and analytical capabilities. It contains an in-built database grid inside, is optimized for reporting and analytical querying than just serving as a real-time online transactional database.

Having said the above, Zoho Reports still offers features like manual data addition, data upload, relational modelling, SQL support, collaboration, API etc., along with specialized reporting features which could be found suitable as an Online database for some of your application requirements. Users are requested to exercise judgement to decide on the suitability of Zoho Reports in such scenarios. You can import tabular data from the following file formats:

Excel Spreadsheets (.xls)
CSV (Comma Separated Values),
TSV (Tab Separated Values)
Any tabular data in text file format
HTML files
MS Access (.mdb) files
Web URL which generates data in CSV format
Zipped files in any of the above file formats (except .mdb files)

You can also copy-paste data from all the above file formats as well as from spreadsheets (Microsoft Office Excel , OpenOffice Calc, StarOffice) files to import the data into Zoho Reports..."